Leprechaun 3

Where would a magical creature who obsesses over gold want to visit? Las Vegas sounds like the ideal place for him. In the 1995 horror comedy, Leprechaun 3, Warwick Davis plays an irritable Irish imp who finds himself roaming through the casinos of America’s number one gambling destination.

The film begins with the leprechaun being changed into a stone statue thanks to an enchanted medallion. When this is removed, he comes back to life and explores the casinos of Vegas. He is enticed by an Irish themed casino called the Lucky Shamrock. At the entrance, he meets an Elvis impersonator who has been hired to play there.

Entertainers of this type are commonly seen in the city. Casinos like to provide live singing shows to keep gamblers interested. Once inside, the leprechaun decides to try his luck at a craps table. When someone interrupts his winning streak, he uses magic to turn this person into a human slot machine.

Meanwhile, a college student called Scotty has moved to Vegas to experience some excitement. He gains possession of one of the leprechaun’s magic coins. He then uses this to win at a roulette game. Eventually, the leprechaun demands to have his coin returned to him.

Each of the main casino staff members, one by one, gain possession of a similar coin. This is then used to grant them wishes. Las Vegas seems to be a fun place for the eponymous character. Throughout the Leprechaun series, he has travelled to other cities and rural areas. He has even been to outer space. However, Las Vegas is one of the few settings which has made him genuinely happy.

This is because the city offers visitors the chance to win jackpots. It is also full of colourful lights and interesting themed buildings. It is likely that the leprechaun is particularly attracted to the Lucky Shamrock because it reminds him of his native country. This film portrays a fascinating fictional universe, where people can use magic to win in casinos. In real life, they have to rely on a mixture of skill and luck.