Fallout: New Vegas

Most people would assume that if there was a nuclear apocalypse, then gambling and casinos might not exist any more. The popular video game Fallout: New Vegas portrays an interesting opposing view. Despite being set in a landscape ravaged by radiation, there are still several high-quality casinos left standing in the ruins.

In this 2009 action role-playing game, users control a mysterious character who must travel to a future version of Las Vegas. Several casinos have survived centuries after a devastating war. They are currently run by different tribes of people with their own themes and motives. Players can directly affect how successful these casinos end up being.

The Casinos

  • Gomorrah

This casino has four levels which players can explore. When they first enter they are able to play slots, blackjack and roulette. There is also a courtyard where they can meet several unique characters. Despite there being several lower levels, the bulk of the gambling takes place on the ground floor.

  • The Tops

The tribe in control of the Tops model themselves off the old gangsters of the early 20th century. They even use the same archaic slang. Unlike the real mafia, the staff of the Tops are friendly, and only want their guests to have a good time.

This casino contains a theatre where players can watch acts. They are even able to send artists there and get a percentage of their pay. Frank Sinatra music is played very often at the Tops as it reflects the atmosphere well.

  • Ultra-Luxe

This is the most elite casino in New Vegas. It is run by a group called the White Glove Society. They wear high-end formal outfits and party masks. The Ultra-Luxe serves gourmet meals and even has its own sauna area.

There is a locked dining room which is reserved for those who belong to the White Glove Society. However, players can join if they complete many tasks. This casino attracts more affluent and refined people, who live in the game universe. To reflect this, customers wear more beautiful clothes than those in Gomorrah or the Tops.