Casino Royale

Casino Royale is a 2006 film which utilises the casino as a critical setting. The movie is a reboot of the iconic 007 series. Daniel Craig debuts as James Bond, the secret agent who is tasked with infiltrating international criminal organisations.

In this instalment, he is chosen by MI6 thanks to his superior skills at poker. The main villain, Le Chiffre, ends up losing an investment which costs him one hundred million dollars. This was thanks to Bond, who thwarted the destruction of an airliner.

To recoup this money, Le Chiffre decides to set up a high stakes poker tournament, specifically Texas Hold ’em. MI6 plots to make him lose. Doing so would force him to turn to the British government and give up his secrets. Bond appears to be the best-suited agent for accomplishing this mission.

The Poker Game

The tournament is held in the beautiful Casino Royale located within Montenegro. This is where many of the most action-packed scenes take place. The casino serves as the setting for several tension-filled card game battles between Bond and Le Chiffre.

In the hotel area of the casino, there is also a savage fight between Bond and a criminal warlord. Bond is attacked by a machete-wielding bodyguard but manages to defeat him as well as the warlord. He then goes back to the card table, where the stress from this encounter causes him to lose a significant amount of money.

Luckily, a CIA agent called Felix Leiter offers to fund Bond’s stake, which would allow him to keep on playing. After this, Bond recovers from his defeat, and Le Chiffre begins to worry that this British spy might actually win the tournament. He, therefore, resorts to drastic measures.

James Bond is well known for his penchant for drinking vodka martinis. Le Chiffre poisons this beverage so that Bond will die before he can win all of the money. Despite going into cardiac arrest, Bond manages to remove the poison from his system and is then revived by an associate. He later goes on to win the tournament with a straight flush.