The Future of Live Casinos

From its humble beginnings in the 1990s, live dealer gaming has come a long way, and given its immense popularity, it is hard to believe that this high-tech casino experience has been around for well just over a decade now. While there have been improvements in terms of game quality, graphics, and other aspects of live gaming, the overall concept of this gaming format has always been the same. Sure, no one can accurately predict what exactly will happen, but the current trends can act as a solid basis upon which we can draw inferences. So, here is our guess of the future developments.

Virtual Reality

For some years now, VR casino gaming has been a reality, but there is still a lot to come as players are yet to see a fully-immersive VR technology. Game developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming are already adapting their games for VR headsets and all kind of background features to ensure that players are completely immersed in the game. Live casinos and VR are a perfect match, and players can’t wait to see this marriage in its full swing.

Custom Live Dealers

Custom gaming makes it possible for players to enjoy their experience with ease. We have already seen online casinos allowing players to filter casino lobbies, for instance, by favourite games. We can expect live dealers to have things like deck choices for a more personalised gaming experience.

Dual Play

What sets live casinos apart is the fact that they deliver a real-life casino experience via a computer or a hand-held device. Even with this kind of experience, there are things that have still been missing, e.g. joining the winners in their momentous celebrations. However, this is slowly becoming a thing of the past as the dual play technology gathers momentum to allow players at home play alongside their counterparts on the land-based casino floors.

First Person Gaming (FPG)

FPG was unveiled in the 2018 industry expo by Evolution Gaming. It combines live casino experience and the traditional random number generator gaming. The technology delivers superior animation and 3D rendering to ensure that players are completely immersed in the game. With this technology gaining ground, players can expect its popularity to reach a new high sooner rather than later.